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Shari Desrosiers - RMT

Massage Therapy & Reflexology

Call /Text 780-517-4334 to book​

or 780-723-5883

Direct Billing available for most insurance companies

Surrender yourself to the care of our Registered Massage Therapist.  Drawing on over a decade of experience, and a multitude of specialized courses & training, our RMT will provide you with a custom blended massage treatment designed to reduce pain & tension and improve overall well-being.  Whether you're looking to relax and de-stress, or require deep, targeted, therapeutic work, you'll be in great hands with our RMT.

Prices (gst included):

30 min.....$52.50

45 min.....$73.50

60 min.....$94.50

75 min.....$120.75

90 min.....$147.00

120 min....$189.00

Natural Therapeutic Face Lift Massage.

Using a comprehensive series of technical moves your therapist will release constrictions in your facial muscles and connective tissues promoting relaxation, increasing circulation, and leaving you with a healthy, vibrant glow.

Natural Facelift Massage can reverse the signs of aging by:

  • releasing facial tension

  • tightening facial contours

  • improving skin tone & elasticity

  • reducing under-eye puffiness & discoloration

  • smoothing out fine lines & wrinkles

  • plus more

Rejuvinate your skin and rediscover your vibrant, youthful self with our 60 minute treatment.


Introductory Treatment   $105.00

Single Treatment             $126.00  (Reg. $147.00)

3 Treatment Package       $346.50 (Reg. $409.50)  Payment plan avail.

6 Treatment Package       $661.50  (Reg. $787.50)  Payment plan avail.

*Results will vary.

*Optimum results usually after 3-6 weekly treatments.

*6 weeks (min) required post Botox injections or other facial enhancement treatments (microneedling)

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