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Acupressure, Aromatherapy & Reiki...


Megan Hierath

780-712-5635 to book

Acupressure Treatment.....$80/60 min

This one of a kind treatment incorporates various relaxing massage techniques while stimulating pressure points that balance your body's organ systems as well as relieving aches & pains.

*See enhancement menu for extras

Aroma Drop Treatment.....$60

A customized treatment using essential oils and massage techniques to balance body systems and create a state of well-being. (similar to Raindrop Therapeutic Massage)

*see enhancement menu for extras

Diosa Decoctions Custom Essential Oil Blending.....$75 (includes blend)

Megan of Diosa Decoctions will customize an intoxicating scent just for you! Your decoction can be a perfume alternative, a healing oil or a wellness product of your choice! The possibilities are endless!  


Balance your energy system with this relaxing treatment designed to cleanse your chakras, clear your mind and create a healing environment for your body and soul

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