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Massage Therapy by Yvonne Finner

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specializing in Raynor Naturopathic Massage...

A lovely combination of deep tissue, relaxation massage, reflexology and essential oils.  Tension is worked out of the body relieving built up stress and tension.  Throughout the treatment the head, hands and feet are massaged frequently to encourage the body to relax and giving the client increased energy.  Raynor Massage has been beneficial for people with chronic headaches, sciatica trouble and back pain.

Deep Tissue
*Combination of all 3 modalities for a well-rounded treatment

120 minutes.....$135
90 minutes.....$100
60 minutes.....$70

Detoxifying, Slimming Body Scrub & Wrap.....$125...series of 3 $330 (due at 1st visit)
Our tightening toning and detoxifying organic wrap is paired with a body glow exfoliation treatment to leave the skin beautifully hydrated and supple.  Cellulite targetting add-on available...+$20

Hydrating Reflexology Foot Therapy...$85
This pampering treatment begins with a custom blended soak, followed by a sugar exfoliation & hydrating masque application to the lower legs and feet.  A relaxing Reflexology Foot Massage with organic body oils & lotions completes this hydrating therapy.

*Evening & Weekend appointments available

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