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 Facial Services

In our wholistic spa we focus on luxury.  All of our services are done by firelight with soft music in the background.  Come and experience how it feels to be pampered while nourishing your mind, body & spirit.

We are proud to use Award-Winning Eminence Organic Skin Care in our Wholistic Spa Treatments!  Click on the Eminence logo below to be directed to their website.

Gaia Facial Experience....starting at $95
A customized blending of organic skin care chosen for the specific needs of your skin & based on what you desire from your treatment.  This lovely facial is suitable for all skin types & conditions.  Includes a luxurious facial massage.....Truly an intoxicating experience!  *see enhancements below for extra options

Terra Nova Facial Experience....$130
Our Gaia Facial is paired with the results-oriented technology of the Wish-Pro Plus to provide a non-invasive treatment targeting specific concerns for more immediate results.  Infusion options listed below
  *see enhancements below for extra options

 Wish Pro Medical Grade Infusions
                                                             BTX Infusion (filling)
                                                  Hylauronic Infusion (hydrating, plumping)
                                                  Calming Treatment (redness, acne)
                                                  Brightening Treatment (lighten & brighten pigment)
                                                  Repairing Treatment (cellular repair, protection & healing)
                                                  Neo Energy Treatment (needle-free collagen & elastin filler)
                                                  Collagen Infusion (moisturize & nourish)
                                                  Anti-Aging Infusion (firming, lifting)
                                                  Microderm Treatment (polishing, pore reducing)

Micro-Needling .....$199 (Face, Neck & Chest)
(includes serums & moisturizer) 
The professional Micro Needling treatments we offer here at the spa are performed with a roller that is twice the length (double the penetration & stimulation).  A professional treatment or series of treatments will jump start your results!
add an organic peel...+40
add a custom masque...+25
add a WishPro Infusion (see above) ...+50

Benefits of using the Skin Spin Roller System regularly at home......

Improves appearance of skin tone and texture
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves overall radiance and vibrancy of the skin
  • Improves appearance of UV damaged skin
  • Reduces appearance of crow’s feet and tired, puffy eyes
  • Reduces appearance of large pores
  • Reduces appearance of acne scarring
  • Slows down the signs of aging
  • Helps to lighten pigmentation when combined with proper skincare products. (*tip: lightly roll over sunspots and age spots with the SKIN SPIN on a daily basis and then apply vitamin c serum on the spot).
  • Reduces the appearance of rosacea (start with only 4 light strokes and as skin strengthens increase to 6 strokes per directions)
  • Improves appearance of stretch marks when combined with stretch mark serums and creams
  • Improves appearance of cellulite when combined with cellulite serums and creams.
  • Acts as an exfoliator revealing healthy, fresh skin
  • Reduces congestion, decreasing breakouts
  • Improves effectiveness of hair restoration products
  • Treatments that provide quick fixes are often short lived – The SKIN SPIN is designed to offer long term benefits and results. That being said, some clients do report seeing changes after only a few uses.

  • Dermaplaning Treatments

    Full Face Dermaplane (includes serum & moisturizer)...$160

    Full Face Dermaplane with Organic Peel........$175

    Dermaplane with Micro-Current & LED Therapy........$185
    (See Terra Nova Facial for Infusion options)
    add an organic peel...+$40
    add a custom masque...$20

    All of our Dermaplaning Treatments include pre-cleanse, hot stone therapy, relaxing massage and finishing product application (eye care, serums, moisturizer & SPF if applicable)

    Facial Enhancements........

    Crystal Chakra Balancing - clear, balance & charge your inner energy system...$30

    Lash Tint - $20   Brow Tint - $20   Lash & Brow Tint - $35
    *enhancements must be mentioned when booking your appointment to ensure appropriate treatment time is arranged 

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