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 Facial Artistry 

In our wholistic spa we focus on luxury.  All of our services are done with aromatherapy, a heated treatment table & soft music in the background.  Come and experience how it feels to be pampered while nourishing your mind, body & spirit.

We are proud to use Award-Winning Eminence Organic Skin Care in our Wholistic Spa Treatments!  Click on the Eminence logo below to be directed to their website.

Gaia Organic Facial Experience....$95
A customized blending of organic skin care chosen for the specific needs of your skin & based on what you desire from your treatment.  This lovely facial is suitable for all skin types & conditions.  Includes a luxurious facial massage.....Truly an intoxicating experience! 

Gaia Crystal Energy Facial Experience....$130
Turn your facial into an energetic healing experience with the addition of Crystal Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Charging.  This is a client favorite and one of our most relaxing treatments!

Terra Nova Facial Experience....$130
Our Gaia Facial is paired with the results-oriented technology of the Wish-Pro Plus to provide a non-invasive treatment targeting specific concerns for more immediate results.  Infusion options listed below       

                                          Wish Pro Medical Grade Infusions
                                                             BTX Infusion (mimics effects of Botox)
                                                  Hylauronic Infusion (hydrating, plumping)
                                                  Calming Treatment (redness, acne)
                                                  Brightening Treatment (lighten & brighten pigment)
                                                  Repairing Treatment (cellular repair, protection & healing)
                                                  Neo Energy Treatment (needle-free collagen & elastin filler)
                                                  Collagen Infusion (Firm & Tighten)
                                                  Microderm Treatment (polishing, pore reducing)

Micro-Needling .....starting at $199 (Face, Neck & Chest)
(includes cleanse, numbing, after-serum & moisturizer) 
Build Collagen in your skin for long-term results.  Injectables simply "band-aid" a condition temporarily.  With Collagen Induction Therapy you are actually forcing your skin to produce collagen in order to plump, firm, fill & lift.  We use high quality support products within your Microneedling treatment in order to achieve the results you desire.  Pore size & acne scars are reduced.  Fine lines, wrinkles & dark spots are diminished.  Your skin becomes tighter, brighter, firmer, glowing & youthful.  

Dermaplaning Facial...$125 (60  min)
 (includes cleanse,mini-peel or exfoliating masque, serum & moisturizer)
Enjoy baby soft skin that is Lightened, Tightened & Brightened to reveal a beautiful glow!  Pesky peach fuzz and surface dead skin cells that are dulling the complexion are removed to leave your skin plump & glowing!

DermaWish Facial...$175 (75-90 min)
This is very quickly becoming our most popular facial!  Amp up the results of your Dermaplaning by adding a Micro-Current Face-Lift and Wish-Pro Plus results oriented infusion to lift pigment & even the complexion, build collagen for extra lift & firming, reduce redness or do some needle-free filling.  You'll LOVE the results!

Stone Crop Body Contouring Treatment...$140 
(60 minutes)* series of 3 for $375 (paid in full at 1st session)
Polish your skin with the hydrating qualities of sugar and the invigorating benefits of salt. This resurfacing exfoliant is infused with healing stone crop and antioxidant-rich lemon peel to brighten and smooth while you revitalize.
Extend the hydrating, brightening and healing benefits of stone crop from head to toe with a restorative gel body wrap to increase circulation and  detoxify while  encouraging all-over skin rejuvenation. The cool aloe infusion also makes this the ideal antidote for sun exposure!
Soothe your skin and tired muscles with a lightweight body oil application that absorbs quickly for a matte satin finish.
Reduce the appearance of cellulite with a luxurious contouring cream application This blend of coffee and clinically-proven microalgae extract smooths skin by targeting fat cells and reducing cellulite to leave you smooth and contoured.


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